We are a charted accounting firm that provides practical training for people who want to do accounting. These are bespoke training programmes that help our trainees to get a job in the accounting sector. We prepare our trainees for Sage, QuickBooks, Xero certification and Excel software. We also help in term of building up your CV, giving you reference, build your REED profile and guide you to find the right jobs in accountancy.

When you do the training with us you would use all 4 accounting software including Sage, Xero, Quickbooks and Excel. We use actual client data and these clients range from Construction, IT, Retail, Wholesaler and import and export business. This training is really important because you need to understand how different Clients do their accounting process, how they keep records in their system and most importantly knowing all the VAT submission for different industries and knowing how to submit them into the HMRC portal.

We have different practical training course from which you can pick from depending upon the skills, knowledge and experience you have in that specific training.

  1. Bookkeeping and VAT and Payroll: Basic entry level and first level job in the accountancy job role. The job you can apply once you finish this training course is Sales ledger Clark, Purchase ledger Clark and Payroll accountant. You would understand how to do Sales day book, Purchase day book, Credit note, bank check and payment, bank reconciliation and VAT submission in the HMRC portal. You can earn up to £18-22k a year. 3-6 month of work experience
  2. Account assistant: The job you can get when finishing our training is the Financial Controller and Finance manager. You would understand how to do year ends, closing the books for the year, depreciation, wage journals, trial balance reconciliation, management report, learning all the post VAT adjustment until the finalisation of trial balances. You can earn up to £22-27k a year. 3-6 month of work experience
  3. Management and Final Accounts: the jobs you can get when finishing this training is Accountant, Financial controller and Consultant. You would understand how to do the finalisation of accounts, Profit and loss account, balance sheet and CT00 returns. You can earn up to £35-45k+ year. 3-6 month of work experience

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